Regents Estate Community Project, ongoing 2013

regents copy

gab,  Clear Village and The London Orchards Project are working with Regents Estate’s community to revitalise its outdoor public spaces.  This project has grown and continues to do so from the needs and desires expressed by the residents.

We are exploring the problems and with that possible solutions in and around the estate.  Most importantly, residents have told us they enjoy living within a diverse community and, with this initiative, we hope to further strengthen the bonds between the different groups within the community.

gab and Clear Village will be coordinating a series of workshops throughout the summer to generate and formulate ideas, and will facilitate the design and implementation of transforming these visions into reality.  Through initial discussions with the community and project partners, we will consider three current possibilities within the project: the creation of a community social sculpture facilitated by gab; the planting of an orchard on the estate facilitated by The London Orchards Project; and the introduction of spatial design improvements, such as street furniture, signage, and greenery facilitated by Clear Village.

We look forward to collaborating with the community on these three proposed projects this summer, and also to other ideas that may be generated for future projects.


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