Our members

Is co- Director of Community Releaf, has a Fine Art background with good knowledge and experience of facilitating creative environments, specialising in participatory based artistic practices.
Experience working on  sustainable art projects and working with disenfranchised groups and vulnerable people including SEN children and adults.
Also separately involved in a number of discursive community projects in London.
Valid CRB available.





Eleanor Rendall 
Is co- Director of Community releaf and has extensive experience working with children in outdoor environments and in schools, orchestrating workshops and activities for a variety of educational needs.
A background of working with charities on outdoor art exhibitions, with good logistical experience organising large scale events.
Currently specialising in SEN education through Community Releaf and looking for new ways to impart knowledge using innovative learning methods in stimulating environments. Also separately involved with other organisations that promote connecting children with nature.
Valid CRB available.


Luke Whaley
198744_10150740747270593_6002843_nIs a PhD research student in the Water Science Institute at Cranfield University.His specific area of research examines the ways in which people are collaborating to use water.  An important aspect of his work is an attempt to understand how groups of people working together form a social system, and how this system both shapes and is shaped by the ecological system that sustains it.
He supports Community Releaf by providing a scientific understanding of the water environment, and the ways in which people can work together to form a relationship with this environment which is more adaptive and sustainable than our current practices tend to be.
He also has an MSc in communicating science. Furthermore, he regularly attends relevant conferences and so is able to stay abreast of current issues in the field of water management.

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