Murals celebrate and strengthen community spirit and values, they tell stories: personal, political, social and cultural. . . . .What is your story?

Murals brighten up areas which are potentially disused or unwelcoming and give a voice to the local community. They allow us to explore local and wider-scale issues. Community Releaf work with community groups facilitating a series of workshops to help define a message for the mural whether the meaning be literal, symbolic, abstract or combining all. Our workshops are based on participatory design methods which lead up to the creation of an art piece- All the ideas come directly from the participants. We currently work with residents committees and schools and have excellent experience working with SEN children and adults. We welcome all community groups and all types of mural projects (big or small) and are willing to facilitate workshops with large groups of people.


  • We run between 5-10 workshops (depending on the size of the group and ideas formed) as part of the design process. This involves facilitating the group to research themes, come up with a message, find images, decide on a style and together come up with/ illustrate the basis of the design.
  • We then take 1-5 days (dependent on size and complexity) working on the final design of the mural (illustrating by hand or in a design programme). This happens outside the workshops.
  • The design is then shared with the local community (potentially in an exhibition) and then tweaked according to responses. Once validated by the local community the process of creating begins!


We usually involve 1-2 artists at the making stage who are expertly skilled in drawing up large scale pictures. Once it’s drawn up the process of painting with the community begins. This can take anything from 3-14 days. We can work with large groups, as well as split the workshops so we are accessing different groups at different points in the project (ie. some workshops in schools). All the ideas and designs come from the participants- we help to facilitate and illustrate what has come up in the workshops.


We like to work using recycled materials where possible. This makes it cheaper (ie if people donate old paint to the project.) We are open to all ideas and like mix media pieces. We also have access to cheap sources of paint and tiles.


Once we know your requirements we will email over the costings within 3 working days. Please note that projects can sometimes take longer than thought and additional expenses are sometimes encountered. We will have to invoice you for this, as it is not practical to give an inclusive rate. For most projects where the group is over 5/6 we will quote for two facilitators.

  • 2 hour design workshops range from £100-£200 per session depending on how many people present.
  • Design work (time spent off-site designing):  Starts at £150 per day
  • Drawing up design (on-site) and facilitating painting: Starts at £250 per day depending on how many artists/facilitators needed for that day.
  • Materials: Charged separately- with an emphasis on reusing what’s available and sourcing recycled materials to keep costs as low as possible.

For an example of a previous project please see The Wall,




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