How gab work

gab has been developing and facilitating creative projects since its launch in early 2012. Whilst the variation and range has been extensive, all projects are collaborative and based specifically on the capabilities and desires of those taking part. We encourage a process of exchange between participants, their community, and their environment.  The process is exploratory, experimental, and multi-disciplinary; a space where people can be creative.

a community arts initiative:  people making together

These workshops are for people to address existing issues in their own communities. as an organisation gab plays a part in the social process by supporting individual and group specific programmes. gab’s work generates social, playful, informal, educational spaces; offering different physical outcomes, events and  relationships. It does not subscribe to a ‘how to create’ ethos and encourages people to create something themselves.

 uniting communities

The creative processes form many expressions from murals to theatre pieces. By opening up a space to create, gab’s workshops facilitate a freedom of expression for individuals and connect them to their neighbours by making something shared together. These processes cultivate ideas and develop them whilst revealing and connecting peoples existing capacities. By championing community led action and supporting projects we can collaborate on combating issues affecting community groups on a local scale.

strengthening bonds 

All gab’s workshops are group based, often spanning generations. They encourage people to work together from different backgrounds and of different ages by creating activities which are accessible and enjoyable for all. Other ways gab works at strengthening community bonds is by showcasing  performance pieces to share with the local community. This can be anything from an art exhibition to a talent show.

 platforms of expression

As well as creative workshops offering a platform for expression, they are also places for people to feel comfortable in going further into an exploration of themselves. gab creates  a held space which allows people to experiment and push their own boundaries. There are also opportunities for other artists to collaborate working on community projects.

 make an impact on a social level

gab is interested in exploring local issues either by expressing ideas through the making process or simply airing issues whilst in the process of making something. They promote wider issues surrounding gender, the environment, education etc, and through small scale social workshops give a chance for people to vocalise and express concerns.

Read here for our Safety procedures and Policies

For more specific information on available projects for schools and other community groups please contact direct: or call us on: 07841712302

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