W44 Community Lunches

Since June 2016, gab have been supporting a group of residents to co-run a weekly community meal at W44, with food inspired by the diverse cultural heritages of the estate, where the group’s members take turns cooking and contributing food. This brings together a wide cross-section of residents (around 30 people weekly), from pensioners to young people (who join after school), people of different faiths and ethnicities, vulnerable adults and those who are less able (physical/mental health).

The people on the estate want to expand the meals to increase the positive social impact is has on their community. The meals facilitate a space for people to forge new, strengthen existing and invigorate old relationships.

Given the small amount in donations that come in most weeks to fund the lunches, there are finite limits on the number of people who can be involved and the residents have held back on spreading the word, despite the fact there are more people in the area who could benefit. We are seeking funding to enhance the lunches, enabling us to outreach and engage with more people, as well as offering residents some money for their cooking to involve more people who currently can’t afford to do so.




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