Morrinho – a project challenging the negative misconceptions of life in favelas.

In 1997 begins the story of Morrinho and its creators. On the hillside of a community in the south of the city of Rio de Janeiro, a simple childhood game began. Initiated by a 14 year old boy it was played to escape from the realities of violence and corruption that surrounded the teens and their community. . . . “a place of great difficulty, prejudice and discrimination, but they believed, fought, had faith and persistence to overcome all obstacles.”



The children played with bricks and rubbish they found in their back yards to create buildings and a scape inspired by new places and surroundings they saw, forming a replica of their community where they played out imaginary alternative adventures with toys, representing the reality they lived.

Over the years its has expanded, garnering increased attention for its aesthetics and ingenuity of its child creators.






Growing from a local phenomenon to a popular international exhibit. It has been able to use that attention to evolve, not only as a work of art, but also, into an organisation with aspirations for social change.

Projeto Morrinho’s main goal is to bring change to the local community, creating a different point of view, which defeats the popular perception of the favelas in Brazil. This vision, about the favelas has been dominated by drug dealing, violence, misery, prostitution, etc . . . Morrinho’s Project join every effort to show that the life in the favela is multi-dimensional and try to communicate their reality through cinema, workshop, arts, theatre, music and exhibitions.

The fame of this miniature favela has steadily spread, along with the positive message it put out about young people in such areas, normally synonymous with poverty and crime. In this respect Morrinho has become an inspiration to young people across the world.

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