A Table, Hackney WickED

We will be joining Arbeit and Exchange Projects for their event after our day at the Formans Yard,  Hackney WickED on Saturday. . . . 

Chopping, talking, tasting and hosting. Artists pile displaced ideas on plates of unsettled grub.

We will be having conversations loosely led by issues of displacement and resettlement from 6pm to 10pm around courses and timings… and things hosted by different people.

We will be moving from YorukForman’s Yard site, Roach Road,  carrying the table and tools , to Arbeit Space [Queens Yard/ white post lane] on Saturday at about 5pm to prepare.

 A network event for local artists and residents, a chance to discuss and share socially engaged practice, art, philosophy, drink tea, eat together and chat.  Building links between artistic professional practice, other professionals and small industry in the area.

There will be key speakers sat at the table – each with info/ideas to add to the conversation.

More info here http://developmenthackneywicked.blogspot.co.uk/p/a-table.html

Come along !!

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