Dalston Children’s Festival.

Dalston Children’s Festival is running from May to August. It is a summer-long celebration especially for children, parents and the young-at-heart in Dalston. Dalston is jam-packed with fun, free and easy to access things to see and do. Take a peek at the listings their website and you’ll find something for everyone; learning, activities, arts, craft, design, entertainment, adventure, music, film and much more. You’ll probably find something you didn’t know was there!

The festival is organised by a group of Dalston-based organisations and 2013 is the first year. Acting as as a signpost for you to find something to do, and to shout about all the wonderful organisations providing activities for all ages.

gab held an event on the 26th of May in Dalston Square. We invited children, families, and members of Dalston’s community to come and collaborate to create a vision of Our Dalston.

Using imagination and creative visioning the participants transformed everyday reclaimed objects and hard waste into art forms inspired by Dalston’s environment.

Each child / family’s work was then collectively positioned in Dalston square to create the shape of a map of Daslton.

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